Premiere Behavioral Treatment Center in GA

For children experiencing mental health issues — with or without behavioral problems — and their families, Hillside offers a variety of services:

  • Residential Program — comprehensive therapeutic support, educational environment, and campus-style facility for high levels of psychiatric needs. All residential treatment program clients continues academic work during the school year through the Conant School.
  • Experience DBT Day Program — or Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Day treatment program allows clients and their families to benefit from rigorous clinical care while living at home with the family.
  • Community Intervention — in-home therapeutic support to prevent hospitalizations or to ease the transition from residential treatment back to home
  • Virtual DBT Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – Online treatment option for clients who need intensive therapeutic support anywhere in the state of Georgia.

Hillside goes wherever our clients need them for treatment, education and support. We champion the children in our program and their families in situations where they are opposed by people who are not experienced in handling their unique needs. Our professional staff understands the needs of children struggling with mental health issues and is highly qualified to intervene on their behalf.

Part of our success, though, comes from recognizing that children are part of a family unit, so what affects the family affects the children. In order to be successful, children with behavioral issues need personal attention and strategies to manage their emotions. They also need to grow up in a supportive, nurturing environment, and we work to create that as well.

The healing that our programs provide for families touched by children with mental health issues is an important part of what we do at Hillside and partially why we are more successful than other treatment facilities. Beyond healing, families need education and support to learn how to help their children with mental illnesses become successful adults. Hillside provides that better than any other behavioral treatment center in GA.

Preferred Treatment Center for Teenagers in GA

Hillside stands out among behavioral treatment centers in GA for our cutting-edge therapy modalities and the results they achieve. Parents are often frustrated by behavioral issues in their teens that do not respond to treatment or other attempts to modify these behaviors. They come to Hillside after other facilities have failed to help their children, and Hillside makes the difference in their lives.

Parents praise Hillside for helping their children and their whole families heal and move forward from what they once thought was an impossible situation. In particular, parents who struggled with children going through suicidal episodes are relieved to discover Hillside’s team will do everything in their power to keep their child safe on our campus and work with each client to develop their “life worth living”.

Top Treatment for Young Adults

For children with behavioral issues, finding the right facility is key. Adolescents present a unique set of circumstances, partly due to their stage of brain development. Treatment that does not include the right expertise is not only ineffective, but it also wastes time and can allow a child to move deeper into a mental health issue. Community services that are developed for adults are often not a good fit for adolescents even up to and beyond age 21.


Hillside is specifically focused on children entering and progressing through their adolescent years. The residential program treats children ages 10 to 21, and home-based treatment is available for children ages 5 to 25. Our unique combination of services and treatment modalities targeted to this age group results in positive outcomes. 

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