When to Seek Professional Help for Depression — Top Signs to Look For

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC | February 12, 2018

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Parents often feel distressed when their children are experiencing pain, whether it’s dealing with a skinned knee or a bully on the school bus. You want to fix it for them, but children must work through some issues on their own. When you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, you can’t ignore the problem and hope they resolve it on their own. When it comes to depression, your child may need professional help, and it could be up to you to get it for them.

When Should You Seek Professional Help for Depression?

Being in a bad mood and being clinically depressed may start out looking the same, but they are very different animals. Everyone gets sad sometimes, and that feeling can naturally last for a few days. Depression needs professional treatment, though. Here are some signs to look for if you think your child might be dealing with depression:

  • Sadness or low mood that lasts two weeks or more
  • Angry outbursts that seem unrelated to the current circumstances
  • Crying for no identifiable reason
  • Anxious behavior when there’s no apparent threat
  • Worthless or hopelessness
  • Sadness that’s unabated by happy circumstances
  • Avoidance of non-threatening social situations

If you see these signs in your child — even if they’re a teenager or young adult — it’s time for some professional guidance. Depression rarely resolves itself if left untreated. It’s more likely to get worse without some form of therapeutic intervention.

Places to Go for Depression Treatment in GA

Hillside is the leading mental health facility in Georgia that focuses on children, teen and young adults struggling with depression and other mental illnesses. Our staff is fully trained in DBT, an evidence-based therapy modality designed to give people suffering from intense and painful feelings, the skills to regulate their emotions and transition into productive lives. Contact us today to learn more about our depression treatment options for your child.


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