Trauma Focused Therapy For Youth

trauma focused therapy in atlanta

Hillside is proud to be a leading mental health center in Atlanta, GA offering trauma-focused therapy for children and teens. Exposure to trauma, as a victim or a witness, significantly increases a child’s chances of developing an addiction or some other mental disorder later in life. By helping children process their emotions around trauma, we can give them the tools they need for a healthy transition to adulthood.

Our therapy center for teens helps those who were victims of patterned abuse to break the destructive thought patterns caused by these events. Trauma interrupts the natural developmental cycle for children and can send them in a different direction, growing up too fast in some ways while remaining emotionally infantile and unable to protect themselves from negative, emotional impact.

Hillside identified a great need for trauma therapy among our clients and their families. Behavior issues can be the manifestation of trauma and a child’s inability to cope with the accompanying emotions. We help children through these tough emotions and help families heal from trauma.

Trauma-Focused Therapy for Children

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is a treatment model designed to treat trauma and the emotional and behavioral problems related to the trauma. TF-CBT has been used extensively with children and adolescents. The treatment model is designed to be delivered by trained therapists who work with the children AND their parents/guardians, who are a very important part of the intervention.

Exposure to trauma can result in emotions that are difficult to process, leading to anxiety, stress and depression. In children and teens, the result is often seen as behavioral issues. This type of emotional buildup can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and needs to be cleared for healthy functioning. Without the proper therapy, children who are struggling in the aftermath of a traumatic event will develop and continue destructive patterns of behavior.

TF-CBT helps children and parents develop better-coping skills to deal with difficult emotions. It teaches them strategies for recognizing, communicating and releasing their emotions in healthy ways. TF-CBT sessions provide a safe place for children to talk about the trauma and express their emotions. The connection between perceptions and reality is explored and children learn to adjust their perceptions.

There are several different components and stages to the intervention, including education, relaxation skills, development of coping skills, trauma narrative, In vivo exposure (when needed), conjoint parent-child sessions, and safety planning. The typical length of the therapy intervention is 12-16 sessions, depending on the situation.

Leading Psychiatric Center for Teens in Atlanta, Georgia

Hillside uses TF-CBT to treat children and teens who are exhibiting behavioral and emotional issues related to trauma. Children can be affected by traumas such as:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Death of a loved one
  • Physical abuse
  • Neglect
  • House fire
  • Vehicle accident

Whether it can be pinpointed to single incident (directly or indirectly witnessed) or has been ongoing over a period of time, trauma can leave a lasting impression on the mental health of a child.

At Hillside, we treat children and families in the aftermath of trauma to facilitate healing and a healthy future. Successful TF-CBT can increase a child’s resilience to the emotional disruption of future traumas, giving them a solid basis for good mental health in adulthood. If you’re ready to get the help that you need, contact us to learn more about our staff and campus today!

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