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As we strive to provide the most effective ways to care for the children and families we serve at Hillside, we are constantly seeking new forms of therapies. Often, children and families respond to some therapeutic approaches and fail to do so with others. Hillside implemented Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) in 2005 and currently it is the flagship treatment modality used with our children and families. We are one of the only child and adolescent residential treatment programs in the nation to be Intensively Trained in DBT skills by Behavioral Tech, LLC; the agency that started DBT. Additionally, all therapists are given annual re-training in DBT.

In continuing with our mission to provide the best treatment to children and families, Hillside has expanded the options for treatment and has specialized in several other state of the art treatment modalities that can be used in conjunction with DBT. These cutting edge therapies include Animal Assisted Therapy, Theraplay® and Art Therapy. During a child’s stay he/she may also benefit from Independent Living skills groups, Substance abuse groups and numerous other specialty groups aimed at meeting his/her treatment needs. Any of these can be recommended by the child’s Treatment Team to best address the child and families issues, as well as providing the best care possible that will translate from Hillside to home.

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