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Hillside’s Residential Program, licensed as a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF), offers comprehensive short-term residential treatment for children and adolescents whose behaviors and symptoms have not been able to be managed at a lower level of care or in the community. Our treatment curriculum is set up to cover all of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills modules every 6 weeks as our average length of stay, as covered by insurance, is approximately 6 weeks.

Child & Adolescent Residential Treatment Center

Hillside is one of the few residential treatment programs for youth, located in Atlanta. We focus on treating children and adolescents ages 10 to 18 with behavioral and emotional issues. Our residential treatment clients are housed in seven different cottages, based on their age, gender, and clinical fit. Six of the cottages accommodate female and non-binary clients from ages 10 to 18 and one cottage accommodates male and non-binary clients ages 13-18. Clients who are 18 years old or turn 18 during treatment must still be working towards a high school diploma and either under parents guardianship or consent to be in treatment.

Our clients receive individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatric medication management weekly. Our primary modality of treatment is DBT and we use additional complementary therapeutic interventions to help clients and families alleviate and manage the symptoms they experience. Our goal is to teach long-term life strategies to empower the clients and families.

Our Residential Treatment Center for Mental Health

The Residential Program at Hillside, in Atlanta, GA provides structured supervision 24 hours a day in our campus style setting as well as providing accredited schooling and medication monitoring. In addition to weekly individual and family therapy, our clients participate in various therapeutic Group activities throughout the week. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups and Recreational Therapy Groups, which include Art,  Horticultural Therapy, and Dance Movement Therapy are included in the clients weekly schedule.

Our program meets the individual needs of each child, supports them and moves them forward toward the most productive and fulfilling life possible. In our residential program, children get the structure and attention they need to develop healthy self-esteem, appropriate social behaviors and loving relationships with their families.

Family Involvement at Hillside

Family involvement is an integral part of our treatment and parents are expected to participate in treatment. A strong family structure provides children with a foundation for a healthy life. Children with mental health issues can challenge the family dynamic, weakening the support structure for all members.

At Hillside, we recognize the needs of the family in conjunction with the child’s needs. One of the ways we support our children is to work with their families to strengthen their bonds and give them strategies to cope with the challenges they face. Children are our primary focus, but children need strong healthy familial relationships to thrive. In bringing the family into the treatment, it is our goal to provide families with the necessary tools to help return and maintain their child in the home. At the heart of our programming, the focus continues to be on the children as well as the families we serve. 

All of our residential treatment program families are invited and encouraged to participate in the Family Orientation Session with Hillside’s leadership team. Participation in weekly family therapy session is expected and caregiver DBT skills group are also highly encouraged.

Why Hillside’s Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Is Different

Residential behavioral treatment centers are not all the same. Hillside incorporates the most innovative and effective treatment modalities to help children in their struggles with mental health. We embrace healthy family living as the basis of a quality life and offer tools that assist parents in achieving this goal.

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