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Youth Day Program in Atlanta, GA

Our Day Program, also called Partial Hospitalization, consists of a full day of Hillside programming much like Residential with the exception that the children return home each night. Program hours run typically from 7:30am to about 4pm depending on programming and parent’s schedules. As either a direct admission or a step down from Residential, our Day Program offers an extensive array of clinical services along with a full day of accredited schooling through our Conant School.

About Mental Health Day Programs

The Day Program at Hillside is an excellent step-down approach following residential treatment. Some children need a full wrap-around, day-and-night program that combines education and therapy to meet their acute behavioral needs. When the child makes enough progress in a residential program, the next step is to go home.
The transition from residential treatment to home can be a big one for some people. The residential setting is a safe and controlled environment, and children learn to do well there. The sudden change of leaving that environment and going back to a traditional school, however, can be scary and may undo all of the good work your child did in the residential program.
A day program like the one at Hillside is a good way to make that transition out of residential care a little less scary. For eight to 10 hours a day, your child would be back in a safe structured setting with a program specially designed to meet his or her needs. Your child may continue academic progress while slowly re-socializing to being at home.
How to Know If the Day Program Is Right for Your Child
Change is hard on anyone, but it can be especially challenging for children who face mental health issues. The anxiety of anticipating change can trigger emotional and behavior patterns that you have both worked long and hard to reduce. A day program provides additional support your child may need, both academically and socially.
If your child is completing a residential program, a day program can help ease the transition out of residential treatment. He or she would still spend the majority of the day with true peers and mentors who can continue to support academic success. At the end of the day, your child will come home and work on his or her reintegration with the family.
The day program is an excellent option for clients who are stable enough to live at home and still benefit from the structure and intensity of full day treatment.

What to Expect at Hillside

Hillside’s Day Program offers weekly Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups, School, Activity Therapy, as well as an option to receive some of our cutting-edge specialized modalities such as DBT, Animal Assisted Therapy, Recreational Therapy, and Theraplay ®. Additionally, one of our Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists will oversee the Treatment Planning and Medication Monitoring, while Registered Nurses can administer any necessary medications.
At Hillside, we will create an individualized treatment plan for your child to address the most pressing needs first. Over time, the plan will be monitored and modified to incorporate other forms of therapy as needed. Children at Hillside usually develop an understanding for their feelings, especially the ones that are driving poor behavior habits. They then learn strategies for controlling their behaviors and coping with events that may trigger these symptoms in the future.
Our goal at Hillside is to prepare children to be healthy happy adults and to live and thrive in their communities. The Day Program is just one behavior treatment option available to children as Hillside. Contact Hillside today to learn more about how we can help you and your child deal with behavioral or emotional issues.

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