Hillside Community Intervention Program

Hillside is known for its extraordinary commitment to the children it serves. Our Community Intervention Program, a grant-funded treatment specific for Fulton County and DeKalb County, is carrying this commitment into our local community and into families’ living rooms. We know that youth who have been in residential treatment or other out-of-home placements sometimes need intensive support to return to their home communities. Our staff is made up of clinicians and paraprofessionals who have passion, creativity, and experience partnering with families who have children with intensive needs. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to keep your family together.

In-Home Therapy Services in Georgia

Hillside is one of the few therapy centers offering home-based therapy in Georgia. This is a unique service we offer based on the perceived need in our community. While children facing behavioral and emotional challenges sometimes require intensive therapy in a residential setting, ultimately, they need to function well at home, at school, and in their own community. Children and teens often have trouble translating the skills they learn in therapy to their everyday lives. Success in this area requires coordination with parents and other family members. By bringing outpatient services to the home, Hillside staff can observe these relationships in action and better support families in their goals. Our professionally trained and experienced staff members will come out to your home at times convenient to you. We will work with you to develop a plan of care to address your current needs, and we will work with you to put this plan into action. We will explore your family’s strengths and we will utilize those strengths in developing a unique plan with specific interventions to target behaviors that have been problematic for your family. Following this plan – based on your family’s strengths, ideas, goals and preferences – our staff members will deliver services to your family in your home and community. The plan and services will evolve as our staff members and your family, as a team, determines what works best in achieving the results your family wishes to see.

Expected program services:

  • Skill development
  • DBT community-based skill coaching
  • Attachment-based interventions
  • Family Crisis and Safety Plan Development

Are Community-Based Interventions Right for You?

If your child continues to struggle while receiving regular outpatient services and is becoming more at risk of needing hospitalization, intensive in-home therapeutic support can help stabilize the family without unnecessary hospitalizations. Additional support could also be beneficial for families with children who are transitioning home from a residential treatment program. You might ask yourself the following questions to see if they are right for your child’s situation:

  • Do you feel like there is a disconnect between what your child knows and how he or she behaves?
  • Was there a strong connection between your child’s behavioral issues and some situation in your household, a trauma or a difficult familial relationship?
  • Did your child make progress in therapy but then seem to plateau at home or at school?
  • Do you want to be sure you are providing your child with every advantage to developing into a happy, healthy adult with a satisfying and productive life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact Hillside and learn more about our community based mental health programs.

Successful Community-Based Behavioral Health Treatment

Many families find Hillside community-based programs helpful, especially when they were not successful in reaching their goals through more traditional treatment options. Combining community intervention services at the appropriate stage of treatment can accelerate progress and improve outcomes.

Testimonials From Participating Families

The home visits that were made to my home really helped my daughter and I to use the DBT skills that were taught to us at Hillside’s Residential Program!

The services offered at Hillside were phenomenal. I would refer this program to anyone in need of services for their child.

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