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Hillside is one of the leading mental health residential treatment centers for children in Atlanta, Georgia. We focus on creating a continuum of care for children and teens, helping them transition into healthy adulthood and guiding the families who nurture and support them. Our residential services and Day Programs help heal families and provide them with successful strategies for healthy living.





Bipolar Disorder


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Mood Dysregulation


Residential Treatment Center for Depression & Anxiety in Atlanta, Georgia

Depression as a clinical diagnosis can be serious. It is often accompanied by self-harm or self-injurious behaviors. Recent brain research suggests that anxiety, another clinical diagnosis, and depression, may be on the same mental health continuum. Anxiety often manifests as over-activity, while depression presents in lethargic behavior. What is going on in the brain in both conditions, however, is similar. Anxiety can turn into depression and vice-versa.

Hillside treats children and teens with depression, anxiety and life-threatening or self-injurious behaviors in our residential treatment program. We also provide mental health services to these children and their families in our Day Programs.

Atlanta’s Top Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center

Hillside is also one of the leading bipolar disorder treatment centers in Georgia. We focus on helping children with bipolar disorders to manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. We teach strategies for coping with bipolar and functioning in society. Our goal is to help all of our clients live satisfying and productive lives with their families.

Georgia’s Premier Impulse Control Disorder Treatment Center

Impulsivity in children can be a challenge and is a condition we work with at Hillside. Our children learn strategies for controlling impulses that help them resolve behavioral issues. If your child is diagnosed with disruptive mood dysregulation, our residential program can help him or her overcome this.

We also offer therapy through our Day Programs that you and your child could participate in together to learn some healthy coping mechanisms for these outbursts.

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Early Warning Signs

Emotional and behavioral disorders may develop over time. By recognizing the warning signs, you could get your child the help he or she needs before too many negative effects manifest. Guiding a child through a difficult situation can avoid negative results and teach that child healthy coping mechanisms to use later in life.

If you are aware that your child is going through a difficult transition, like moving to a new school or dealing with a divorce or remarriage in the family, you may want to connect him or her with some therapeutic services for added support.

Other situations that can have a serious impact on your child’s mental health include:

  • The death of a loved one or a beloved pet
  • Witnessing a violent act like a car crash
  • Changes in living situations, locations or members of the household

Children have a unique perspective on the world and perceive themselves as the center and cause of many things. An incident that does not have anything to do with your child may, in fact, affect him or her emotionally.

Some signs that your child may be struggling with an emotional issue include:

  • Changes in behavior
  • Changes in appearance
  • Changes in friends
  • Loss of interest in hobbies
  • Getting in trouble in school
  • Significant mood swings
  • Emotional outbursts or tantrums

Child development is complicated — we don’t always know what they are thinking or what they are reacting to. Being aware of changes in your child’s mood and demeanor can let you know when to step in and offer help.

Getting through the teen years can always be a bit smoother with some professional guidance.

If you have questions about your child’s behavior, contact Hillside for a consultation. We will let you know if further assessment or treatment is warranted and could help your child feel happier and healthier.

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