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We want our kids to have everything that they need to get Back to School, including the tools to cope with the stress, anxiety, and depression that impact their physical and mental health. We depend on the generosity of donors to ensure that every child has access to the care and support they need, especially during the stressful back-to-school period. Your donations help us provide school supplies, therapeutic resources, and a supportive environment for our children to succeed academically and emotionally. Make a donation today to help us reach out $10,000 goal!

To make a donation, please complete the donation form below.  Have a question about donating? Call Hillside at (404) 564-0695 or contact the Development Department at for more information.

As a not-for-profit facility, Hillside relies on generous philanthropic support to deliver the high-quality care that promotes recovery and lasting change for the children and adolescents we serve. Hillside’s unreimbursed services represent an annual cost of nearly $1 million. Without support from YOU, our community, these life-saving programs and services would be in jeopardy.

Through treatment at Hillside, children and teens find healing, hope, and a renewed desire to live. We are grateful for the many individuals, families, corporations, and foundations who provide support to Hillside each year to sustain our operations. Donations of any size are welcome and all are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

For a more tax efficient way of supporting  Hillside, you can donate stock. It’s quick, easy and takes just a few minutes. Click the Donate Stock button to get started.

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Other Ways to Give

Securities are a great way to support Hillside, as donors most often avoid capital gains tax and may be able to claim an income tax deduction as well. Hillside accepts many gifts this way each year.

Support Hillside while getting your company recognized

Hillside is viewed as one of the premier and oldest nonprofits in Atlanta. With fundraising events and a cause that captures many of Georgia’s citizens, sponsorship is a great idea for exposure to your company and to build brand equity. Corporate Partnership opportunities at Hillside are tailored to meet the needs of the corporation as well as the needs of Hillside.

To learn more about upcoming events that your company can sponsor please call Hillside at (404) 564-0695 or contact the Development Department at for more information.

Corporate support is extremely helpful to Hillside’s mission

The value that comes from helping a vulnerable child in need is endless. As a corporate supporter your company will benefit in following ways:

  • The opportunity to bring about real and lasting change in the lives of children at Hillside
  • Added value to your brand and benevolent reputation by supporting an impactful non-profit.
  • A new way to engage and motivate staff through working toward a common fundraising goal

Ways for your company to support Hillside

  • Make a Donation
  • Start an employee gift matching campaign
  • Donate a percentage of sales
  • Make a product donation

As with most gifts, your company’s donation is tax-deductible. For more information on the corporate opportunities currently available, or to arrange an appointment with our Development Department to discuss your giving plan, please call Hillside at (404) 564-0695 or contact the Development Department at