Successful Outcomes

Stories of Success and Hope from Hillside Graduates, Parents, Staff and Referral Sources. Reviewer information is omitted for HIIPA compliance.

Our kids therapist was amazing! He saved our son and found our son’s smile. He helped hold our hands when we felt lost or weak and cheered us on as we saw success. Our son found comfort in his therapist and was able to be transparent and fully get the help he needed. We are forever grateful!
Hillside, it has been an amazing 100+ days. We have been so amazed at our daughters success and the work she has put in. We know without a doubt that she has been set up and equipped to move forward to accomplish great things. We can never repay you for the wealth of knowledge both our daughter and family has received while here. When you feel like hope is gone and there is nothing else you can do to help, we found a glimmer of hope when we found Hillside. I know the hard work is yet to come and we feel totally confident we can do it! A huge thanks to the staff for their commitment to our family!
Hillside is a true place of healing. The outpatient services were custom tailored to fit the needs of the child as well as the needs of the family. We have never felt like we were rushed through the process or that our insurance funding dictated the care that we received. The fact that the whole family was part of the treatment plan and the needs of the other family members was considered has been a huge help in healing the family unit as a whole. The parent dbt classes have really helped us all be able to learn and put into practice the skills that the child learned while a patient at Hillside.
The folks at Hillside really do care, not only about the patient but about the whole family. I can truly say without Hillside, and all that they do, our child would not be around today. We, the family would probably be rolled up in a ball in the corner. I have been so impressed with everyone at Hillside from the folks that clean, to the director. I can never say enough about how wonderful everyone has been and will be forever grateful for the work that you do.
Hillside went above and beyond for my child. She received services that she could use in the community and helped her to stay on the path to recovery. She is employed, B average in school and a mentor to other children in her equine therapy. Not every day is fantastic, and with the skills we were all given at Hillside, we make it work. I would recommend Hillside to anyone who has a child they love who needs some special assistance.
Hillside provided the best quality service to my child and my family. The therapist were open and honest at all times and very encouraging. The staff was always helpful and friendly.
My child’s behavior has improved substantially since leaving Hillside. This was my child’s second treatment at Hillside and my child has had CIP/CBAY involvement this time. We have gained a lot of insight into his illness through our association with Hillside and we have gained DBT skills to work through situations.
I just want to take the time to thank Hillside and all of its staff for contributing to the success of my child being back in the home. Since being home, we have only had 1 incident which was considered minor compared to past behavior. Our child has grown so much in the last several months. The treatment used at Hillside is the only plan of care after 18 attempts that has been a great success. If ever I can help Hillside speak, promote, mentor, whatever needed, please let me know. You have given me my child back, created a future for my child and changed our family in ways that can’t be explained. Thank you again & God bless.
We have been many places in Georgia and elsewhere. There was no comparison to Hillside. It took me about 2 years from the time that I learned of Hillside until actually got my child there. Most of us don’t know how to get this kind of help for our children. We were at Hillside for the better part of 3 years. I didn’t see a lot of turnover. High turnover rates are a sure sign that something is wrong. All there became like my family. They always made me feel welcome and that they were there to support Me and my child. There were many times that I would have thrown my child out, if I were in their shoes. But they didn’t. They kept fighting and kept supporting us. I will never forget them. I keep playing the lottery just so I can give generously to Hillside. So far, it hasn’t worked out. I would like to see them have facilities other places in the state so that other kids and parents would have the same opportunities that we had and still be close to home. We were so lucky. I saw things at other places that were just unacceptable. No child deserves to be in one of those places. All of the time that I spent at Hillside, I never saw one thing that raised a red flag. Not one! I love the staff from top to bottom. They are just as important and just as great. I plan to still visit when I can and hope to always keep a relationship with Hillside (I also promise to keep playing Lotto). As I stated above, my child probably would not have had such an episode if he were taking his meds correctly. He stopped going to school when he turned 18 in October. Since then, he is at home by himself during the week. This leaves him on his own to take his meds. This has certainly not been an ideal situation as he shouldn’t be at home alone. Now that he is 18, there are not a whole lot of options. But again, Hillside is still hanging in there with us, trying to find a better solution. God Bless Hillside!
We appreciate everything that Hillside did for us. I think that the support and education that we the parents received was as valuable as the treatment that our child received. We learned so much from you all that we had never been exposed to. While we wish that we had been better equipped years ago, we are definitely using the tools that we learned at Hillside every day!
I love and miss the staff at Hillside. They are the best. We have been many places and this is by far the best. Thank you for all that you do every day.
I find that the patients that I work with that have been to Hillside in the past retain the skill sets they have learned there and I have even had some help me with a group, particularly if I am discussing a DBT concept.

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