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In our effort to serve children struggling with mental health and behavioral disorders throughout the Metro Atlanta community, we’re excited to offer more intensive outpatient mental health services which includes home-based treatment options.

Experience DBT Day Program

Intensive In-Home Therapy

Community Intervention Program

Why Choose Outpatient DBT Therapy at Hillside

While Hillside is proud to offer the best residential treatment for youth and teens in Georgia, sometimes outpatient behavioral health services are a better option depending on your child’s needs. When children or adolescents are struggling with mental illness or behavioral concerns, the treatment they receive must be individualized at the most appropriate level of care. When the client’s symptoms and behaviors are not so severe as to require acute hospitalization or residential treatment, engaging in outpatient mental health treatment is usually the best course of action. In general, we want clients to be able to engage in treatment in the least restrictive level of care.

At Hillside, we believe that effective treatment involves the family unit. We find that providing treatment to clients and their families, while they are still engaged in their daily lives, often increases the client’s ability to generalize their skills in a real-world setting. Our outpatient mental health services address our client’s needs by providing evidence-based and innovative therapy in a setting that is less restrictive than hospitals or residential treatment settings.

In our outpatient treatment programs, our mental health clinicians can work to develop individualized treatment plans to address the unique needs of each client and family in the presence of the stressors and triggers of their daily living.

Our Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Options

We find that there is often a gap in treatment options for children and adolescents between regular outpatient therapy and inpatient or residential treatment. When once or twice a week therapy isn’t enough to address the problems but out-of-home treatment, such as hospitalization or residential treatment, seems too drastic, one of Hillside’s outpatient options may be the perfect solution. When your child participates in one of our outpatient mental health therapy programs, your child continues to live at home and receives a more intensive level of treatment than regular outpatient therapy services. We believe your family will truly benefit from the expertise of our highly-trained clinicians as they offer a variety of outpatient services, including:

  • Experience DBT: By far our most intensive outpatient option, this six-week day program focuses on comprehensive and intensive DBT treatment to help our clients learn how to manage and understand their emotions, extend compassion for others as well as themselves, and maintain positive relationships.
  • Intensive In-Home Therapy: This outpatient option allows clients to meet with one of our clinicians at home, school or another location in the community rather than in an office setting. Our goal is to provide therapy and support services for your child as well as the rest of your family.
  • Community Intervention Program: If your child continues to struggle even after receiving care in residential treatment, this service provides intensive support to help stabilize your family unit, accelerate progress and improve positive outcomes without unnecessary hospitalization.
  • Virtual IOP Program: Six-weeks of Intensive Outpatient therapy designed for teens ages 13-17 struggling with mental health concerns that are interfering with school, home, and/or interpersonal relationships. 12 hours of group programming weekly held Monday to Thursday from 3-6 pm.


Benefits of Hillside’s Outpatient DBT Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Children and families living in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area can benefit from the DBT outpatient programs offered at our Hillside DBT Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient. When parents and children learn DBT strategies together, they can practice what they learn immediately in their regular home environment.

DBT skills are designed to help clients modify their behavior to achieve more success at school, at home and in the community. By receiving DBT training in an outpatient setting, clients can continue to live their lives and Behavior modification takes time, and there will always be questions. Attending outpatient DBT treatment allows children and parents to get answers to their questions on a regular basis.

Since they are living at home and attending school, children in the outpatient DBT program can bring practical examples of successes and challenges to their sessions. They, and their parents, benefit from the expertise of the Hillside staff to guide them through daily challenges using DBT techniques.

Hillside clinicians are all intensively trained in DBT and continue to receive advanced DBT training. We have the first and currently only DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician in the state of Georgia. In the greater Atlanta area, our clinical team at Hillside DBT clinic has the most experience in utilizing DBT with children, adolescents, and their families. Our long-standing expertise in DBT extends throughout metro-Atlanta and it benefits many children and families who are facing behavioral issues that did not respond to other forms of therapy.


Why Choose DBT Outpatient Therapy at Hillside

At Hillside, our clinicians pride themselves in offering DBT in a way that is adherent to DBT protocol. In an adherent protocol, the client works with a DBT therapist in weekly individual DBT sessions, participates in a DBT skills training component (DBT skills group), and utilizes coaching calls with the therapist as instructed. Our clinicians are also in a consultation team with DBT therapists to ensure that each clinicians is always at his/her best in providing services to our clients.

Each prospective client engages in an evaluation and feedback session prior to starting services at Hillside DBT clinic to ensure that the client will be a good clinical fit for our program and our clinicians feel that our treatment would be beneficial and effective. For clients who may not be appropriate for adherent DBT treatment, our therapists can offer an individualized treatment plan that would be best suited for the case.

Family sessions as well as parent groups are available services offered at Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient. These services maximize the effectiveness of treatment due to the family’s involvement in treatment. In our parent group, parents learn about the skills their children are learning in their DBT group and receive support in how to implement these skills for themselves and for their children in their home settings.


Contact the Best Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Center in Atlanta

Not all outpatient behavioral health services are the same. At Hillside, we incorporate the most effective and innovative treatment modalities to ensure each child receives the mental health care he or she needs. We understand that mental health issues impact the entire family. We are here, not only for our clients but to assist parents with achieving a healthy family living situation.

If you would like to learn more about our outpatient mental health services, we invite you to fill out our online contact form or call our admissions department to speak to one of our compassionate specialists.

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