Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a unique and specialized form of therapy that combines skills for staying grounded in the present moment and coping skills for tolerating the stressors of internal and external conflicts.


DBT focuses on developing new skills and behaviors to help with understanding and relaxing emotions, tolerating when life does not go as planned, navigating relationships/conflict with others, improving parent-child interactions and increasing contentment with the present moment.


Development of these skills motivates preteens and adolescents to create a healthy balance of acceptance and change. This empowers them to overcome challenges like peer pressure, bullying and social media.


DBT benefits individuals and families struggling with moodiness and anxiety, as well as relationships – be they peer or familial. It also encourages participants to find interests and motivations outside of social media, which in turn prepares them in handling ALL of life’s ups and downs, not just the digital ones.


DBT is a proven treatment modality in addressing these behavioral issues:


1 Decreasing life-threatening behaviors

• Suicidal thoughts

• Suicidal threats

• Suicide attempts

• Self-injurious behaviors (helping teens who cut)


2 Decreasing therapy-interfering behaviors

• Missing or coming late to sessions

• Remaining silent in sessions


3 Decreasing quality-of-life interfering behaviors


• Physical aggression

• Electronic dependence

• Substance abuse

• Trouble in school

• Relationship conflict

• Excessive worry over school/life’s demands


4 Increasing coping skills

• Learning to relate to and communicate better with others

• Learning to understand and tolerate different emotions

• Improving acceptance of one’s self

• Skills for being able to enjoy the present moment more fully


Benefits of Hillside’s Outpatient DBT in Atlanta, Georgia

Children and families living in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area can benefit from the DBT outpatient programs offered at our Hillside DBT Outpatient Clinic. When parents and children learn DBT strategies together, they can practice what they learn immediately in their regular home environment.


DBT skills are designed to help clients modify their behavior to achieve more success at school, home and in the community. By receiving DBT training in an outpatient setting, clients can continue to live their lives and Behavior modification takes time, and there will always be questions. Attending outpatient DBT treatment allows children and parents to get answers to their questions on a regular basis.


Since they are living at home and attending school, children in the outpatient DBT program can bring practical examples of successes and challenges to their sessions. They, and their parents, benefit from the expertise of the Hillside staff to guide them through daily challenges using DBT techniques.


Hillside clinicians are all intensively trained in DBT and continue to receive advance DBT training. We have the first and currently only DBT-Linehan Board of Certification Certified Clinician in the state of Georgia. In the greater Atlanta area, our clinical team at Hillside DBT clinic has the most experience in utilizing DBT with children, adolescents, and their families. Our long-standing expertise in DBT extends throughout metro-Atlanta and it benefits many children and families who are facing behavioral issues that did not respond to other forms of therapy.


Why Choose DBT at Hillside Outpatient Clinic

At Hillside, our clinicians pride themselves in offering DBT in the way that is adherent to DBT protocol. In an adherent protocol, the client works with a DBT therapist in weekly individual DBT sessions, participates in a DBT skills training component (DBT skills group), and utilizes coaching calls with the therapist as instructed. Our clinicians are also in a consultation team with DBT therapists to ensure that each clinicians is always at his/her best in providing services to our clients.


Each perspective client engages in an evaluation and feedback session prior to starting services at Hillside DBT clinic to ensure that the client will be a good clinical fit for our program and our clinicians feel that our treatment would be beneficial and effective. For clients who may not be appropriate for adherent DBT treatment, our therapists can offer an individualized treatment plan that would be best suited for the case.


Family sessions as well as parent groups are available services offered at our outpatient clinic. These services maximize the effectiveness of treatment due to the family’s involvement in treatment. In our parent group, parents learn about the skills their children are learning in their DBT group and receive support in how to implement these skills for themselves and for their children in their home settings.

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