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Outpatient Programs at Hillside

Hillside is proud to offer a phenomenal outpatient mental health clinic in Atlanta, Georgia that puts an emphasis on family involvement and togetherness. Our Outpatient DBT Clinic offers several treatment options for patients who do not need as much structure and supervision and who prefer services that work around their needs and availability.  We can create a custom schedule of outpatient services for your child that works to improve their symptoms and is delivered at convenient times of the day or evening.

Our unique outpatient programs are great for families who want their child to remain at home as an integral member of their family, while also receiving the behavioral services he or she needs to function better at home and at school. The amount of time spent at our mental health facility in Georgia depends on the type and amount of services your child requires.

Outpatient Mental Health Services That Come to You

Hillside’s Community Intervention Program gets out into the Metro Atlanta community to offer support to children and families in their own home. A team of specialists works with each family to develop a treatment plan to help achieve your goals for your child and your family.

The community intervention teams work tirelessly to help families stay together and prevent out of home placements such as hospitalization. Following residential treatment, a child may struggle to reintegrate into the family and heal from old dynamics that did not work. Hillside is there to capitalize on the strengths of the family to provide services that help the family reach its goals.

Delivering services in the home is the best way Hillside can support children as they transition home after residential treatment or to prevent residential treatment or out of home placement. By targeting habits that caused problems for the family in the past, the community intervention team helps the family make the necessary changes and acquire the needed understanding of each other so everyone can thrive.

Leading DBT Outpatient Treatment Center

The outpatient treatment center in Buckhead provides dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for children and their parents. We help children dealing difficult emotions working through conflict and adapting to change to reduce their stress. We teach communication and behavior management skills through the DBT model, which is highly effective at facilitating positive change.

Hillside DBT uses DBT methods to help children prepare for high school or college and overcome anxiety and depression. We help them maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and learn to balance academics with extracurricular activities.

Learn More About Outpatient Mental Health Services

The outpatient services Hillside provides are great for families to come on a schedule that is convenient for them. You and your child will progress at your own pace with the support from Hillside’s outpatient services.

Hillside is the leader in mental health services for children and teens in the Atlanta, GA area. We provide a full array of treatment options for your child who is struggling with behavioral or emotional issues. Contact us today. We will work with you on understanding what services might best meet the needs of your child and how we can help support your family.

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Hillside Participates in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) One-Day Conference

Hillside is proud to co-sponsor a one day conference on “Early Detection & Prevention of BPD – Bridging the GAP” with the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder. Clinicians from Hillside will join other experts in the field to present an informational, educational day for parents, teachers, school counselors and clinicians who interact with kids who have trouble regulating their emotions. Buy tickets now!