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To fulfill our mission to help children and teens with mental health issues successfully transition to adulthood, Hillside not only treats clients in their mental health facilities in the Atlanta, GA areas, but we also use our expertise in behavioral health to train other professions who work with children and adolescents. Hillside’s community-based services include reaching out to parents, teachers and mental health practitioners to help create a holistically supportive environment to support all children and teenagers.

Several of our workshops are geared toward teachers and administrators who deal with children with mental health issues, especially those who present with behavioral problems. Our educators’ workshops provide educators with effective strategies to handle these children in a school setting. Many of the techniques they learn are good for every child in their school population and can lead to a school environment that is more conducive to learning.

DBT Workshops in Georgia

Training programs and workshops offered at Hillside focus on DBT, but they are geared toward different audiences. Family education is a big part of the work Hillside does to support children struggling with mental disorders. These workshops help families understand the DBT therapy their children are getting in the Hillside program. Parents can participate in their child’s healing by reinforcing DBT concepts at home.

DBT workshops offered by Hillside include topics such as:

  • DBT Fundamentals
  • Clinical Structure and Treatment Modality
  • How to Deal with Pain to Avoid Suffering
  • Skills for Change and Effective Communication
  • The Power of Being Present: Creative Mindfulness Technique

Hillside also uses our DBT expertise to educate other professionals. Many of the courses we offer carry professional continuing education hours, which count toward acquiring and maintaining clinical licensure. Hillside courses have the unique advantage of being taught by practicing clinicians, offering interactive learning experiences with real-life practical applications.

Hillside is the largest practitioner of DBT in the Southeast. For clinicians who want to have a DBT informed practice, there is no better way to gain exposure to it in practice than from the experts who are successfully applying it every day. Practical training in DBT can be a great advantage to any clinical practitioner who works with children and teenagers or who treats clients with personality disorders.

There are many opportunities to receive mental health training in Georgia from the experienced professionals at Hillside. We strive to offer a variety of education opportunities that are practical and innovative. Each month there are new courses to participate in. Check back frequently to find a new training or workshop that would benefit you personally and professionally.

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