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Join Hillside in promoting kindness at a one-of-a-kind event at the historic Buckhead Theatre. We all know kind people: a relative who graciously shares a gift; a friend who always offers a compliment; a neighbor who does a kind deed for your family. But the Radical Kind are very different: they are empowered by kindness; they treat themselves and complete strangers with kindness; they are always kind and expect nothing in return! Help us spread Radical Kindness. Join us for an afternoon of entertainment, tasty treats, and an immersive, interactive Radical Kindness experience for adolescents, teens and the adults who love, support and guide them!

Hillside will welcome author and inspirational speaker Michael J. Chase, “The Kindness Guy.” As founder of The Kindness Center, Michael is considered an expert on the subjects of kindness, resilience and positive behavior. Despite a family history of substance abuse, violence, depression, and suicide, Michael chose a different path, spreading positive energy throughout the world. As a world-renowned leader in the field of personal development, Michael reveals how living from the heart plays a critical role in healing our lives and our planet

Experience the impact of kindness on your life and those around you. Hillside Presents…Radical Kindness will be a fully immersive experience featuring interactive kindness activities during the Kindness Carnival before the main event. Please join us on November 5th from 2pm-4pm for an afternoon of entertainment, tasty treats, and an immersive, interactive Radical Kindness experience for adolescents, teens and the adults who love, support and guide them!

Get Involved With Radical Kindness

Show your kindness by becoming a Radical Sponsor. All sponsorship levels include branding opportunities and a chance to provide event tickets to underserved youth in the Atlanta community. Top sponsorship packages include a pre-event meet-and-greet with “The Kindness Guy” where he is sure to drop some pearls of wisdom about the power of kindness he has witnessed.

Purchase your tickets for Radical Kindness and show kindness by buying one for a friend! The proceeds from this event will support Hillside’s mental health services and scholarships for children in need. Your participation in on November 5th will aid a child in the community with finding the support and services they need.

Healing and Hope for Children and Families

Hillside is the leading mental health facility in the Atlanta area that focuses exclusively on the needs of children, teens and young adults. We assist children facing mental illness in helping them move more successfully toward adulthood through our services and therapies. Hillside’s programs reach into the community to support children where they are, at home or at school.

Our goal is to help children and families thrive by providing outstanding residential and community mental health services. Through your sponsorship and attendance at Radical Kindness, you can join us in furthering that goal. Help provide healing and hope for children and families by becoming a Radically Kind sponsor!


Contact us to Become a Sponsor 

epearson@hside.org (404.875.4551 ext. 216)


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Hillside Participates in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) One-Day Conference

Hillside is proud to co-sponsor a one day conference on “Early Detection & Prevention of BPD – Bridging the GAP” with the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder. Clinicians from Hillside will join other experts in the field to present an informational, educational day for parents, teachers, school counselors and clinicians who interact with kids who have trouble regulating their emotions. Buy tickets now!