Hillside is proud to co-sponsor a one day conference on “Early Detection & Prevention of BPD – Bridging the GAP” with the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder. Clinicians from Hillside will join other experts in the field to present an informational, educational day for parents, teachers, school counselors and clinicians who interact with kids who have trouble regulating their emotions. Seminars covering early detection and various coping strategies will be presented, in addition to a Q&A session with therapists who specialize in the treatment of borderline personality disorder.

Speakers and Topics

Along with Dr. Perry Hoffman, PhD – President & Co-Founder National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder, two clinicians from Hillside Residential Treatment Center will be part of the team of expert presenters and panelists in the BPD one-day conference to provide theory and practical information on interacting with children struggling to control their emotional outbursts.

Dr. Kimberly Vay, Ed.D, LPC is presenting, “The Power of Validation: Making Sense of Your Loved One’s Emotions AND Handling Your Own Emotions.”

Jamie Bray, LCSW is presenting, “Teaching DBT Skills in Elementary & Middle Schools”

Other presentations at the conference include:

  • “Early Detection & Prevention of BPD – Bridging the GAP”
  • “Involving Caregivers in DBT Skills Training for Adolescents”
  • “In this Together . . . The Healing Power of Multi-Family Groups”
  • “Linguistics of Learning to Live”
  • “Turning Point . . . A Message of Hope for Parents”

Hillside provides mental health treatment in a residential setting for children, teens and young adults. We partner with families to provide the wrap-around services needed to rebuild families. To learn more about other educational opportunities, contact us today.

Attending the BPD One-Day Conference

Space is limited for this one-day conference at Skyland Trail: Dorothy Fuqua Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Advance sale tickets are available online while they last.

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