Community and Corporate Volunteer Program

Hillside encourages corporations to work in tandem with us!

Hillside seeks to engage corporate volunteers in group opportunities, one-time and ongoing opportunities, and on-site or workplace opportunities. Our corporate volunteer program can provide employees with meaningful opportunities that create and enhance camaraderie.

Your corporation can make a difference by sponsoring a holiday party for our children, help beautify a garden, play, or other area, create food baskets for families in need during the holidays, sponsor a crochet, soccer, or other club, and much more. We will gladly work with you to design a volunteer experience that will have a major impact on those you serve while also keeping sure to stay aligned with your corporate philanthropic mission.

Community volunteers are welcome!

Hillside welcomes volunteers through our community volunteer program. Volunteers are invited to participate in after school activities, such as soccer, art, and nature clubs, as well as various in-school activities, including library upkeep and classroom assistance.

For more information, please contact Katrina Word at

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