Welcome to Hillside’s Mentoring Program…


…where the rewards are endless!

An hour a week can mean the world to a young person in need of a positive adult influence. 

Hillside mentors are asked to be a “visiting resource” for children and teens in our care who are experiencing limited or no family support, or for those who are simply in need of a little extra support. During weekly campus visits, mentors and mentees share stories, enjoy snacks or meals, play board games, or explore Hillside’s beautiful campus and gardens. Experiencing the support of a mentor can empower our youth to overcome obstacles, make positive choices, and understand that he or she is not alone! 

Studies show that children who have at least one consistent, caring adult in their lives:

  • are less likely to drop out of school
  • have fewer run-ins with law enforcement
  • build better relationships with their own families

As a mentor, you will:

  • Support a young person through weekly visits (visits take place at Hillside mid-town campus)
  • Serve as a positive role model and friend
  • Plan and participate in activities together
  • Build self-esteem and motivation in a young person
  • Set goals with your mentee and work toward accomplishing them
  • Spend at least an hour a week (on-campus visits) with your mentee

You will also receive:

  • Initial training and orientation
  • Ongoing support and mentor/mentee group activities
  • Satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference
  • Tax deductions for mileage and any out-of-pocket mentoring activity expenses, including mileage


If you are interested in learning more about Hillside’s mentoring program, contact:

Gabriella Marvin, Community Relations Manager, at gmarvin@hside.org


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