Hillside’s Mentor Program

Currently being re-structured. Mentoring opportunities will be available soon!

Hillside mentors are invaluable to children who have limited adult support outside of Hillside therapists and staff. For youth who do not have family or limited family involvement, the mentor provides a stable, caring adult who can empower the youth and role model healthy behaviors.  Mentors are assigned to a specific child based on the needs and experiences of both the mentor and youth. We ask that mentors spend at least an hour a week with their mentees. During weekly campus visits, mentors and mentees share stories, enjoy snacks or meals, play board games, or explore Hillside’s beautiful campus and gardens. Experiencing the support of a mentor can empower Hillside children to overcome obstacles, make positive choices, and understand that theyare not alone!

Please note that mentors are required to participate in additional vetting and training including reference-checks, background clearances, fingerprints scan, and an extensive training on serving at-risk youth.

For more information, please contact Gabriella Marvin at gmarvin@hside.org