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Your involvement with Hillside empowers those with emotional and behavioral challenges. What more meaningful impact is possible than to help a child or adolescent regain quality of life, healthy relationships, and the ability to contribute to society?

From our impactful and fun events, to our corporate volunteer program, and our ways to give in-kind gifts, there are many ways you can become involved with Hillside. A dedicated and thoughtful community is what makes Hillside thrive. See how Holding a Fundraiser or Drive, Getting your company involved, or simply signing up for our newsletter, can spark change!

Still have a question about involvement? Call Hillside at 404-564-0695 or contact the Development Department at for more information.

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Visit some of our top visited pages. This content is for parents, volunteers and the community at large.

How to Talk to Friends and Family About Your Mental Illness

It can be difficult to talk about mental illness with family and friends. There is a negative stigma in our society attached to people with mental health issues. You may want to discuss mental illness with friends, for instance, but fear harsh judgments. When a mental illness becomes part of your life, either through personal experience or from one of your children, it is helpful to know how to talk to your friends and family about it. Learn how here!

Hillside Participates in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) One-Day Conference

Hillside is proud to co-sponsor a one day conference on “Early Detection & Prevention of BPD – Bridging the GAP” with the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder. Clinicians from Hillside will join other experts in the field to present an informational, educational day for parents, teachers, school counselors and clinicians who interact with kids who have trouble regulating their emotions. Buy tickets now!