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Your involvement with Hillside empowers those with emotional and behavioral challenges. What more meaningful impact is possible than to help a child or adolescent regain quality of life, healthy relationships, and the ability to contribute to society?

From our impactful and fun events, to our corporate volunteer program, and our ways to give in-kind gifts, there are many ways you can become involved with Hillside. A dedicated and thoughtful community is what makes Hillside thrive. See how Holding a Fundraiser or Drive, Getting your company involved, or simply signing up for our newsletter, can spark change!

Still have a question about involvement? Call Hillside at 404-564-0695 or contact the Development Department at for more information.

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Visit some of our top visited pages. This content is for parents, volunteers and the community at large.

How to Help Your Teenager Deal with Their Anxiety

Parenting a teenager can be a frustrating experience. You try to understand what they are going through, but at this confusing stage of development, many teens don’t know themselves or what is happening in their brains. It is common for teens to feel anxious from time to time and supportive parenting can ease the tensions of growing into adulthood. Read More Here

Hillside Clinician Achieves Elite Certification

Hillside is proud to announce therapist and DBT educator, Dr. Kimberly Vay, Ed.D, LPC, has been awarded DBT-Linehan Board Certification, Certified Clinician™ through the Linehan Institute.