Admissions Questions:

What is the referral/admissions process at Hillside?

The referral and admissions process begins when our Admissions Department receives clinical information from the potential client’s current treatment providers. The provider sending the referral can be the current hospital or treatment placement, psychiatrists, or therapists. Our team will reach out to the providers and family within 24-48 business hours of receiving the clinical referral to discuss the next steps regarding admissions for Hillside’s continuum of programs.

Will my child receive school credit from Hillside?

Yes, Hillside Conant is accredited through AdvancEd. If your child finishes a semester with us, we will issue credit. If they leave before the semester is over, we will send a list of classes and current averages for those classes to take back to your home school to issue credit.

Will my child have passes home during their treatment?

You can anticipate a day visit or an overnight visit for your child if approved by your child’s treatment team and your funding source. Some funders do not allow overnight passes. Passes are most common toward the end of your child’s treatment stay.

What are the visitation hours?

On campus, visitation hours are Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 to 11:00 am and from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. Visits are also allowed at other times during the week if scheduled with your family therapist in advance.

Questions About Paying For Treatment:

What are the different payment options at Hillside?

Hillside is contracted with the majority of commercial insurance providers and TriCare. Hillside is approved to accept Medicaid. Self-pay arrangements can be made as well.


Therapy Questions:

What disorders are treated at Hillside?

Hillside treats a variety of mental health diagnoses. The most common are attention deficit disorder, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosis.

How often will family therapy take place?

Family therapy is a vital part of treatment for your child and you should expect a minimum of weekly family therapy. You will work with your assigned family therapist to schedule these sessions.

Residential Program Questions:

What is the average length of stay in Hillside’s residential program?

The residential program has an average length of stay of 45 days or four to six weeks. Discharge planning for your child will begin upon admission.

If my child is admitting to the Residential Program should I withdraw my child from their home school?

Yes, all GA residents will be enrolled into Atlanta Public Schools upon admission.

What should I pack for my child’s stay in residential treatment?

For safety purposes, Hillside does prohibit some items from campus. A full list of items allowed and prohibited will be provided by our Admissions Department. Overall, your child will need comfortable, casual clothing each day as laundry is typically done once a week.

What is the schedule for a typical residential day at Hillside?

Each residential cottage maintains a weekly schedule and posts it on the cottage for your child to review. Typically, your child is awake and preparing for the day by 6:30 am, eats breakfast, and begins their education classes and activities such as recreation therapy, horticulture therapy, art, drumming, and skills building groups. Lunch is provided at noon. At 3:00 pm afternoon activities begin with their cottage peers followed by dinner, community groups, and personal time prior to lights out by 9:00.

Day Program Questions:

If my child is admitting to the Experience DBT Day Program should I withdraw my child from their home school?

No, your child will need to receive Hospital/Homebound services during their time in the DBT Program. Please contact your school counselor to get this started.

Will my child receive academic instruction in the Day Program?

No, your child will have adults present to assist them with their hospital/homebound work but will not have access to a teacher during their stay in the DBT Program.


If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help any questions about our facility and treatment options that may not have been covered on this page.

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