Week of November 9th, 2018:

Check out our outing this week in the Day Program!

We took a ride down to Krog Street Market to this wonderful ice cream shop called Jeni’s Ice Creams. After we all picked out our flavors we practiced mindful eating!

We were read a prompt that had us pay attention to the flavor and sensation of ice cream in our mouths. It was such a cool experience!

Here are some things the kids reported about it afterwards:

“I thought it was a unique way to eat ice cream”

“I thought it was a good exercise in patience”

“It was a fun experience, and everyone as a group got to experience something different yet similar at the same time.”

We challenge you to try eating your next treat mindfully and see what you experience!


Week of October 1st, 2018:

Check out some things we did this week in the Day Program!

We started out practicing our contributing skill by making inspiration bookmarks for the Evans and Averill cottages!
(Cut short and removable strings of course)

We also made catapults with popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and spoons. We worked hard to problem solve & build mastery with this to find what designs worked best.

We had a BLAST on our outing to go tree climbing!

Later in the day we kept up with healthy living and had a group on the benefits of eating healthy and practiced it by making some fruit parfaits.

We worked on our communication skills to guide our peers through a maze with a blindfold on…

We attempted an outing to the beltline and had to use radical acceptance when we found the entrance was blocked off. So we explored old fourth ward park and placed kindness stones around for other people to find and enjoy.

We ended our week with a mindfulness group that is led by the clients. Everyone was given a random shape and had to come up with a design that incorporates it…

We had a fun and busy first week in the Day Program! Check out some of the things we did…

Some of our kids recreated what they think about when they take a brief vacation…

We discussed identifying different emotions and created collages with pictures that we found to represent each emotion…

In Advanced Experiential DBT with Mr. Rajeive and Ms. Elizabeth, we made puffy paint and then painted a representation of our life worth living goals.

(A Horse because she wants to be a Vet, a Brain because he wants to be a Psychologist, various makeup products because she wants to be a Make-Up Artist)

We went on our first outing to see Aladdin at the Fox Theater!

In one of our DBT groups you can see us working together and using our senses in these guessing game stations.

Station 1: Guess the item you touch in the balloon Station 2: Memorize the object you see on the table

We finished our week doing mindfulness walks through the sunken garden and vegetable garden at the top of the hill. You can see us observing our surroundings

Stay tuned for more exciting activities next week!

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