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Adolescent Suicide Risk Factors, Warning Signs, & Protective Factors

Adolescent Suicide Risk Factors, Warning Signs, & Protective Factors

By Sarah / January 12, 2022

Adolescent suicide can be a difficult topic to face, but it is one of the most important concepts for parents and guardians to recognize to…

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troubled boy in need of DBT therapy

Warning Signs of Suicidal Thinking in Youth — How to Reduce the Chances

By Sarah / November 3, 2017

The threat of suicide is often one of the main concerns for families with loved ones struggling with depression. If your child has suicidal thoughts without active plans, an outpatient mental health facility & professional should be contacted right away. Hillside’s Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient has clinicians who are skilled in working with children and adolescents who struggle with suicidal ideations. Read More

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