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Bringing Awareness To & Regulating Stress

By Justus Bowland Gleason / February 16, 2024

Stress is one of the great mysteries of the universe. With it, our days seem to last forever, and there is always something else to…

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Inside the Children’s Mental Health Crisis: Understanding Trigger Factors & What You Can Do

By Kimberly Young, DNP-ENL, PMHNP-BC, NEA-BC / January 30, 2024

Children’s mental health has become an increasingly critical concern for parents and caregivers. Between social media, online content, and video games, a new era has…

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Let’s Do “New Year, New Me” Mindfully

By Julianna Thompson LAPC, Hillside Therapist / January 5, 2024

According to History, the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions dates back to the ancient Babylonians and their tradition of promising their pagan gods to pay…

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female putting on makeup

What Does Self-Care Really Mean?

By Kendra Phoumivong, LCSW / June 18, 2021

Self-care has become a hot topic in recent years and rightfully so! Taking the time to care for ourselves is so crucial to not only…

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friend comforting sad friend

6 Ways to Support a Friend With a Mental Illness

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / February 12, 2018

Mental illness has a negative stigma in our society, so many times people don’t want to talk about it. But the truth is, people struggling with mental illnesses need the support of friends and family. Learning more about specific mental conditions and how to compassionately provide support for a friend who is suffering can help overcome the negative stereotypes. Read more.

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