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Questions to Ask When Looking for a PHP/IOP Program for Your Teen

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / January 30, 2024

Your child’s mental health is extremely important. Do not be shy about asking questions about any treatment program you are considering for your teen. Any…

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Emily Acker and Gaan Akers of Hillside on The Weekly Checkup

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / June 16, 2021

 Speaker  0:00   Welcome to the weekly checkup brought to you by Georgia neurology. I’m your host, Dr. Bruce Feinberg. And there are a few…

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Outpatient vs. Inpatient Hospitalization vs. Residential Therapy 

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / January 15, 2020

When a child or adolescent has behavioral issues, it can cause several problems in the lives of those around them. More than seven percent of…

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