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Best Ways to Handle Depression

Best Ways to Handle Depression

By Sarah / December 17, 2021

Depression can affect children and teens just as much as it can affect adults. Depression can cause prolonged periods of sadness, fatigue and low motivation.…

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winter depression

Does Winter Make You Depressed?

By Sarah / December 18, 2019

As the days get shorter, darker and colder, many of us experience a shift in mood that you might hear called “the winter blues.” You…

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child with toy suffering from depression

When to Seek Professional Help for Depression — Top Signs to Look For

By Sarah / February 12, 2018

Parents often feel distressed when their children are experiencing pain, whether it’s dealing with a skinned knee or a bully on the school bus. You want to fix it for them, but children must work through some issues on their own. When you’re concerned about your child’s mental health, you can’t ignore the problem and hope they resolve it on their own. When it comes to depression, your child may need professional help, and it could be up to you to get it for them.Continue Reading

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder vs. Major Depressive Disorder

By Sarah / December 6, 2017

Understanding your diagnosis is an important part of getting the right treatment. Anxiety and depression are two common mental illnesses that often co-occur, meaning that many people may suffer from both disorders! Continue Reading

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