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The Importance of Community and Building a Network of Support

By Kelly Brown / March 28, 2023

Everyone’s heard that it takes a tribe–what does it mean to have a tribe in today’s society? Families and children having natural supports have shown…

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grandma talking to grand daughter

How to Talk About Mental Health

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / February 19, 2021

Talking about your feelings can be scary, especially for children and adolescents. Experiencing mental health challenges can be isolating, and many times the fear of…

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Talking to Your Kids About Feelings

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / August 26, 2020

Many families have experienced some sort of disruption these past few months. Having conversations about social isolation, ways to stay safe in public spaces, or…

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friend comforting sad friend

6 Ways to Support a Friend With a Mental Illness

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / February 12, 2018

Mental illness has a negative stigma in our society, so many times people don’t want to talk about it. But the truth is, people struggling with mental illnesses need the support of friends and family. Learning more about specific mental conditions and how to compassionately provide support for a friend who is suffering can help overcome the negative stereotypes. Read more.

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How to Talk to Friends and Family About Your Mental Illness

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / September 7, 2017

It can be difficult to talk about mental illness with family and friends. There is a negative stigma in our society attached to people with mental health issues. You may want to discuss mental illness with friends, for instance, but fear harsh judgments. When a mental illness becomes part of your life, either through personal experience or from one of your children, it is helpful to know how to talk to your friends and family about it. Learn how here!

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