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Perfection: How to deal with the pressure to be perfect

By Roy Chancey, LCSW, ACCFC / August 11, 2023

Perfectionism is a trap that we unwittingly set for ourselves. So, when does perfectionism become maladaptive?  Ascribing to themes associated with inferiority, unworthiness, failure and…

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How to Support Someone who is Struggling

By Rajeive Manradgh, LPC, Hillside Therapist / June 19, 2023

Supporting someone who is struggling is no easy task. Both being mindful of what they need and how to best communicate with them are critical…

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Overcontrolled Behavior vs. Undercontrolled Behavior

Overcontrolled Behavior vs. Undercontrolled Behavior

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / January 30, 2023

As children grow and their personalities continue to develop, many engage in distinct patterns of behavior that may become ingrained. There is a wide range…

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man who appears uncomfortable

Managing New Situations and Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Roy Chancey, LCSW, ACCFC / July 22, 2021

It’s  human nature to be scared when we try something new but we are also scared when we don’t! Social psychology shows that avoidance of…

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Woman consoling friend

Building Resilience

By René, LCSW / February 19, 2021

For my entire twenty-seven-year career of working as a clinical social worker, I have been trying to figure out what resilience is and how to…

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young women overwhelmed

How to Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / February 19, 2021

School, practice, work, family obligations, and time for friends. This is the typical schedule of a lot of youth, young adults, and even adults. In…

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father in santa hat stressed

How to Manage Holiday Stress

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / November 17, 2020

We can often feel pressure to make the holiday season perfect. Finding the perfect gift, throwing the perfect party, making the perfect meal. All of…

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Talking to Your Kids About Feelings

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / August 26, 2020

Many families have experienced some sort of disruption these past few months. Having conversations about social isolation, ways to stay safe in public spaces, or…

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Top Reasons Children Act Out

Top Reasons Children Act Out

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / July 8, 2020

Kids have rough days. Children can display less-than-perfect behaviors for a variety of reasons. Maybe they’re tired, disappointed, or frustrated. Perhaps they’ve eaten too much sugar…

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Mindfulness and Shifting Mindset

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC / March 16, 2020

We can often fall into the trap of living in the past or the future. We dwell upon why something happened to us whilst fearing…

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