Amy Rene & Christina Kennedy Talk Back-to-School Stress & Anxiety During the Pandemic

By Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC | August 25, 2021

WBS-TV – Christina Kennedy talks about her experience sending her daughter back to school during the pandemic and the anxiety her daughter felt being around a lot of people again. Practicing deep breathing and meditation has helped work through some of those challenges and has her daughter smiling again.

Amy Rene also shares her experience working with kids and how anxiety and depression layered with forced virtual learning have set kids back. They feel like they are lost and missed some of the instruction they normally would have received, further creating stress and anxiety over falling behind.

Amy goes on to say that kids need to get involved again and back into sports. Kids need that stimulation and community support. There are also virtual therapy groups that they can participate over Zoom for extra mental health support.

Parents are encouraged to help open the lines of communication and get help.

Check out the full interview here:


  • Gaan Akers, LPC, NCC

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