Our Campus

Hillside is one of the unique mental health residential centers for children that offers a comfortable setting with access to the latest therapeutic modalities. The Hillside campus in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia is in a beautiful setting and looks just like a private residential school.

Residential cottages at Hillside offer a safe and comfortable environment. Children are encouraged to personalize their space with items from home while they practice interpersonal skills of sharing and turn-taking. The classrooms at Hillside’s Conant School are bright, cheerful and technologically equipped for the most advanced learning environment possible.

Meals at Hillside are a combination of balanced nutrition and delicious fresh foods that make healthy choices easier for your child. Children learn the value of healthy eating habits and the effect food has on their behavior and well-being.

Check out the photo gallery below for a virtual tour through Hillside. If you would like to schedule an onsite tour contact our Admissions Office at (404) 875-4551 or email admissions@hside.org.

Virtual Tour of Hillside

Hillside’s serene 13-acre campus also includes:

  • 2 North Campus Residential Units
  • 5 Dorm Style Cottages
  • Hillside Conant School (Cognia Accredited) and Library
  • Dining Hall (meals prepared and served on-site through Sage Dining)
  • Horticulture Therapy Department
  • Vegetable, Herb, and Flower Gardens, and Greenhouse
  • 2 Outdoor Sports Courts
  • Recreation Therapy Department
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor Play Areas
  • Artist Studio
  • Medical Clinic (staffed with 24-hour Nursing coverage)

We encourage parents to visit the Hillside campus to maintain connections with their children and to work on repairing their relationships. We serve the children we work with at Hillside, and helping them rebuild or repair familial relationships where possible is part of the work we do.

Hillside is not a place to isolate “problem” children. Instead, it’s a healing retreat where children and teens can come to work on their emotional and behavioral challenges in a supportive environment. Our programs include the latest effective therapies, an accredited education program, and therapeutic family support. Children learn the value of healthy relationships, including those with their parents.